LOCTITE ABLESTIK 68399皇家赌场:NCA 3280/55cc

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LOCTITE ABLESTIK NCA 3280/55cc LOCTITE3280 bonding of lightdiffusing lenses over LEDs and assembly of image sensing devices including camera modules 汉高可提供解决方案。我们已经进行了研究、分析、设计,创制了对最全面的 先进组装材料。任何要求对电子产品组装进行连接、粘合、粘附或保护的应用而言,都将从汉高无与伦比的技术工具箱中的增值解决方案中获益。产品主要有UV胶.底部埴充剂.瞬干胶 乐泰AB胶.低温固化环氧胶.单组份模组胶。销售处:137.5113.6332.高先生 Q.Q:3022.24.564. LOCTITE ABLESTIK NCA 3280/55cc TYPICAL CURING PERFORMANCE Cure Schedule 2 minutes @ 80°C With all curing systems, the time required for cure depends on the rate of heating. Cure rate depends on the mass of material to be heated and intimate contact with the heat source. Use suggested cure conditions as general guidelines. Other cure conditions may yield satisfactory results. The above cure profiles

13克装乐泰胶3220深圳汉高乐泰销售处,昆山乐泰,东莞乐泰,上海汉高乐泰销售。致电:137、5113、6332.我们将为您提供一对一的专业咨询服务。 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION LOCTITE 3220 provides the following product characteristics: Technology Epoxy Appearance Black Product Benefits ● One component ● Fast cure at low temperatures ● Excellent adhesion LOCTITE 3220W is designed for use in heat sensitive optoelectronic components and other microelectronic devices. This material offers excellent light reflection characteristics

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